Study Reveals Memory Difficulties Linked To Canola Oil

Researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University (LKSOM) discovered that the consumption of canola oil worsened memory, worsened learning ability and weight gain in mice which model Alzheimer’s disease. The study suggested that canola oil is more harmful for the brain. Canola, soybean and corn oil are now all coming from GMO crops.

“Canola oil is appealing because it is less expensive than other vegetable oils, and it is advertised as being healthy,…..very few studies, however, have examined that claim, especially in terms of the brain.” 

That quote comes from Domenico Pratico, MD, Professor in the Departments of Pharmacology and Microbiology and Director of the Alzheimer’s Center at LKSOM.  He was the senior investigator on the study.

Melania Trump Removes Monsanto Products From The White House

May 2017

Melania Trump expressed concern about the safety of genetically modified food and said they are best avoided.

“Barron’s health has improved out of sight since we started eating organic, non-genetically modified food,” the First Lady stated.

Melania’s research on Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and was it appeared in her family’s diet, the First Lady said she was “amazed at the place this company has in the food chain“.

A 2016 investigation found in a French magazine revealed harmful chemicals in 11 brand name tampons and sanitary pads, including the chemical glyphosate -Roundup.

GE cotton is typically sprayed with Roundup, the active ingredient in which is glyphosate.  Use the Diva Cup, which works like a diaphragm, allowing you to avoid tampons.