Study Showed Pancake And Waffle Mixes To Have The Most Aluminum; up to 180 mg/serving

In a study by Robert A. Yokel PhD , and Salim M Sayed revealed a the offending products that provided a significant amount of aluminum compared to the typical intake of 3–12 mg/day that is suggested by health experts .

What they discovered was cheese in frozen pizzas had up to 14 mg of aluminum, compared to cheese in a restaurant pizza provided 0.03–0.09 mg.

Single serving packets of non-dairy creamer had ∼50–600 mg aluminum kg

Acidic sodium aluminum phosphate was present in many food products.  Some of the highest offenders was pancakes and waffles. Baking powder,  frozen products, and ready-to-eat pancakes provided the most aluminum of the foods tested; up to 180 mg/serving.

So now you know what to stay away from….