Support This Independent Research Group In Finding The Environmental Trigger For Autism

Chelsi G –  I love The work of Theresa Deisher at Sound Choice!!! She is brilliant! Her focus is on how the DNA in vaccines is causing autism.

Raintree MTheresa Deisher’s work is excellent. I’ve been posting content about her for awhile and I wrote an article for Health Freedom Idaho last month and used her as a reference. Her discussions on insertional mutagenesis are eye-opening and illustrative of how DNA fragmentation in vaccines is altering human DNA“:…

Violet CYes, this organization is truly fantastic! The researcher, Dr. Theresa Deisher also testified in court about human dna in vaccines and autism. I donated to this organization and will continue to do so.

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute Hi Susie. The study can be accessed by this link…/Dawson_2017_Autism_autoUCB.pdf.

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute

October 26 at 3:19pm

A recently published clinical trial at Duke University has demonstrated that the majority of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are #notbornwithit.

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute is the ONLY organization that is doing the hard research to determine the environmental trigger for autism to prevent future cases and into possible treatments and cures. #WeAreOnTheRightTrack

We maintain independence from special interest groups by funding our research solely through the public so that our results can be trusted. SHARE and HELP US RAISE FUND for our critical work to find the cause and a cure for our children.


DOWNLOAD and SHARE our most current newsletter about this study at…/uploads/notbornwithit-2.pdf

DOWNLOAD and SHARE the original published study at…/upl…/Dawson_2017_Autism_autoUCB.pdf