Jane Iredale Makeup

Jane Iredale Makeup

Smooth Your Skin Out Using A Makeup Primer–  The only thing that can hide wrinkles and refine pores is primer. Foundation can make you appear younger, but only if it blends well.

Steer Clear Of Shimmery Formulations, which can sink into fine lines and creases and
accentuate pores. Instead of using a sponge, switch to a foundation brush to create a thin layer
of coverage where you need it.

Don’t Worry About Covering Every Spot With Foundation. If you do, your skin will look heavily made up and older.) Rely on concealer to camouflage dark spots, and use an all over powder foundation.

Accentuate Bone Structure– Add volume and definition with powder bronzer on your cheekbones, forehead, and chin, and blend color such as soft pink or apricot blush on your cheeks.

Avoid Metallic Shadows– Once lines begin to appear around your eyes, avoid metallic shadows that can sink into your wrinkles.  Instead, start by dabbing on lid primer, which will give you a smoother, younger appearance.

Stay Away From Dark Lip Shades- Stay away from darker lipsticks, which can age anyone. Work with rosy lighter pinks, apricots and lip stains.

Lift Your Eyes With A Liner-  Applying your eye pencil as close to your top lash lines as possible will help eyelashes appear fuller.  Try flipping up the outer edge of your liner with a Q-tip also gives a lifted appearance for droopy-looking lids.  Go with a liner on the top of your lid, and a soft white or pale liner for under your bottom lash.  Work with a softer pencil color, close to white in the corners of your eyes to make them appear larger.

Use Powder Formulas Over Creams- Powders work best as you age since they won’t get caught in fine lines the way creams do.  Stick to natural colors such as a taupe on your lids and warm browns in the creases for definition.

Blush Can Brighten A Dull Complexion– It is important that you blend properly, so invest in a decent blush brush.  Blush should appear to be a pop of color, as if we have been outside on a winter day.

Use Lash Boosters-  Prep thin lashes with lash boosters before you apply your mascara.  Stick with black or brown mascara for a natural appearance.  Use lash curlers to naturally lengthen your lashes.  Work with heated lash curlers, which allow you to use less mascara.

Avoid Overly-Complicated Hair Cuts-  Opt for a haircut that you can do at home.  If your haircut is time-consuming styling, you probably won’t do it most days.  Simple can be better.

Build Your Brows– Don’t over pluck your brows.  Brows thin as we age; but it’s more youthful to have a thicker, darker brow.  Filling in your brows is a crucial step in maintaining a youthful face. For the most natural effect, try working with brow shaping kit, which use powder and wax that won’t cause harsh lines. Improve thinning brows with balm from Green Touch Beauty.

Draw Attention To Your Lips– Consider lipsticks that will last and make your lips appear fuller.   Begin with lip pencils which can add volume and have the staying power of lipstick.  Subtly draw over the outer edge of your lips with a neutral-colored pencil.   Don’t match up your lip stick pencil with every shade of lipstick you own, but rather stick with a neutral liner no matter what shade you choose.  You don’t want your lip border to be too obvious.  Consider going with a warm light rosy color, rather than a nude, which sometimes can make the teeth appear yellow and make your lips appear thinner.

Moisturize Your Skin Before You Add Foundation- As we age, skin gets drier, and adding makeup over dead cells, can draw attention to the makeup instead of your skin.  To remove excess shine, use a little powder, then blot with a tissue.  Don’t use too much powder, which can often settle into lines and make you look older.

Take Royal Jelly – Royal jelly has been known to be very rich in vitamin B ( thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, inositol and folic acid). Royal Jelly also contains amino acids and acetylholine which aid in cell restructure. Royal jelly contains gelatine, a forerunner of collagen and powerful anti-aging element which keeps us youthful. Jennifer Aniston says her natural fix to keep her skin and hair healthy is royal jelly.

Consider A Hairstyle That Frames Your Face-   Often times we are told that when you get older, you should go shorter.  But instead, it is more important to keep the softness to your style, and have some length to frame the face.

A Facial Exfoliator Is A Must – A scrub three times a week removes dead cells, and reveals smoother skin under dead layers.

Stay Away From Ashy Hair Dyes- Ashy hair color has cooler undertones, which can look almost gray, and this can be a no-no, especially when you’re actually old enough to have gray hair. Plus, the cooler tones can make you look paler, so stick to the honey tones, and stay away from any colors that are labeled “ash”.  Golden undertones, warm reds or brunette shades work well.

Highlighted Hair Can Appear Softer And Younger– Lightening naturally dark hair makes your skin appear to have more pigment.  As we get older, our skin also can become more yellow or a pale brown.  Adding a few highlights to your hair, can do numbers for your skin tone.  Sally Field, 62, Carly Simon, 64, Katie Couric, 52, all have gone lighter. Natural-looking highlights tend to brighten up the face.  Experts say you should avoid hues that are too yellow or platinum and stick to sandy beige tones.

You Can Go Long With Layers- You can have longer hair as you get older, you just need to add layers and highlights.  Shorter sections around the face can give you a natural lift, so your hair doesn’t drag you down.

Contouring Makeup On Amazon

Contouring Makeup On Amazon

Contouring Makeup Can Take Ages Off Your Face- Using a powder that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone, and others which are lighter in shade  in all the right areas can take years off your face.  Color used along the jawline, in the creases in your upper eye lids, and under the cheek bones can add depth to the face. You don’t need surgery to restore a more youthful look.  Contouring can bring out the best in facial features.

Don’t Neglect Your Neck-  The neck area starts to to show signs of aging when we reach our 40’s.  It is important to start moisturizing down to the neck area.  Work with serums with hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate, and moisturizers with peptides.

A Conditioning Mask For Your Hair Can Do Wonders–  For curly, or longer hair, consider a hydrating avocado and olive oil mask at home. Wrap your hair in plastic to really seal in the conditioner, and leave it in as long as you want and then rinse really well.  Mayo, applied to the hair works just as good.

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