You have always wanted to work from home, or have wanted to make some serious money on the side…  then started looking at one point and found nothing but scams, so you ditched the idea.  Been there, done that? 

There are probably hundreds of ways to start a side business and make some money on your own, it is just finding the right idea that fits your personality and skills.

If you are longing to make your own money and work for yourself, I encourage you to press in and figure out what it is that you would love doing and keep at it until you reach that goal.

While there are legitimate companies who hire “at home employees“, there are also a lot of bogus companies that will just waste your time.  Here are a couple simple red flags to help you determine if you should investigate it, or just move on to the next lead….

  • Red Flag 1- The Company Is NOT Established With A Great Track Record. Look on the BBB and check to see if they are accredited and what rating they have. This should answer your curiosity right away.
  • Red Flag 2 – “Your Going To Make BIG Money” Within every business venture, expect to work your butt off, especially when growing your own business. Ask for documented average income statistics. When looking it over, it should include some high and low income periods to be realistic.
  • Red Flag 3 – A Company Promises To Build Your Business Through Them First. Your ‘Primary’ home business gets built by first promoting the owners or founders. You end up losing your contacts to them and others in the program.
  • Red Flag 4- The Product Or Service You Will Be Promoting Doesn’t Work In The Real World… Research the quality and cost of the product or service before you start investing yourself in the brand.
  • Red Flag 5. The Customer Re-order Rate is POOR. Before you get involved, ask for documented proof that the customer re-order rate is high. If the customers are not purchasing, you’re out of business, and have just wasted your time.

Going through each article, I hand picked the very best articles that seem to provide the best business tips and secrets to get going with your own business, or possibly work for another company. 

We all need to keep learning, and I hope this will provide you with new thought-worthy information to put into your toolbox.  ~Meranda

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