The Best Essential Oils That Increase Oxygen In The Brain, Ideal For Brain Injuries

Studies from Vienna and Berlin Universities found a natural compound found in a few essential oils can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28 percent!!  Here are the oils they listed:

  • Vetiver,
  • Patchouli,
  • Cedarwood,
  • Sandalwood,
  • Frankincense

Researchers discovered that when increased oxygen gets into the brain that the hypothalamus systems of the brain see a dramatic effect on emotions, learning, immune function, hormone balance and more.

Take note that frankincense is an oil that aids in the healing in brain injuries.  Frankincense works by aiding oxygenation of blood going to the brain.  This, in turn, will aid in oxygen absorption. When oxygen is absorbed effectively in the brain, it then allows us to retain information, heal, and function correctly.

Frankincense has a unique molecular makeup that allows it to cross the blood/brain barrier. Frankincense’s unique makeup stimulates the limbic system of the brain and other glands within the brain, promoting memory and releasing emotions.

If you have a brain injury, or have a child with a brain injury, you will want to add these oils to your shopping cart.