The Best Yellow Paint Shades Picked By House Beautiful Magazine

Home-Beautiful-Shades-Of-YellowMineral pigments such as iron oxide, red ocher, and red lead, white lead and yellow ocher have been common pigments dating back to ancient times.

Synthetic yellow pigments included patent yellow introduced in 1781, Naples yellow in 1800, and chrome yellow, in 1820. Yellow has always been a popular color for London homes, it works well with the gray skies, and dull rainy days London is known for.

Yellow seems to brighten and warm up any space more than many of the grays and taupes. Colors such as saffron, butter, dandelion, corn, buttercup, canary, and citrine, are fantastic colors to base a home around.

Home Beautiful Magazine compiled the very best shades of yellow by the top designers, which takes the guessing work out of picking the best yellow shade for your own home. See the original article here

Top Row:

“In a guest room that seems a little staid, paint the bed. This is a Ming yellow like you see in Chinese silk robes, with a little lemon and mustard in it, which gives it more dimension.”Kim Alexandriuk , Farrow & Ball‘s Babouche 223

“It’s one of those spaces that people go through quickly, so you can afford a higher level of drama. Often, there’s not natural light, so you need a heavily saturated color like this warm, yolky yellow. Get it in full gloss because the gloss gives it depth, and it’s much simpler to apply than glazing.”Christopher Drake , Benjamin Moore‘s Showtime 923

“Ocher feels like a neutral to me — a deep, earthy yellow that reminds me of southern Italy and Turkey. It looks good with other earthy colors, like terra-cotta or gray-blue, and it is really beautiful with lilac, lime green, and aubergine. People look at it and say, ‘Oh no, I couldn’t possibly.’ But the earthier colors can be really relaxing.” Sara Bengur, Donald Kaufman Color Collection‘s DKC-20

Middle Row

“It’s the color of afternoon light — that end-of-the-day moment when it feels warm and mellow and everything has a glow. I’m thinking some beautiful house on the Mediterranean, and we’re sitting outside and eating figs with a bottle of white wine.” Sara Bengur , Donald Kaufman Color Collection‘s DKC-30

“One of my favorite spots in Florence is sitting on the balcony of the Lungarno Hotel — all those shades of sun-drenched yellow. It’s a color you see in every Italian town; you wonder how they got it so right.” Elissa Cullman , Benjamin Moore‘s Dalila 319

“Kitchens often have so little wall space you have to make the color count. This is sunshine in a can. I like a yellow with a little bit of brown in it, as opposed to a yellow with green. Looks wonderful with wood.” Beverly Ellsley , Benjamin Moore‘s Golden Honey 297

Bottom Row

“It’s hard to get yellow right — usually it’s too green or too red or too muddy. But this is nice and clear, without being shrill. If it’s too vivid, it’s like living in an omelet.”John Yunis , Fine Paints of Europe‘s Sunnyside Lane 7014T

“Lecce, Italy, is famous for its Baroque architecture — it’s that plaster that looks good only after 400 years. And it changes in different lights — apricot one minute and almost burnt siena the next.” Kathryn M. Ireland , Ralph Lauren Paint‘s Goldfinch GH105

This is a medium-strength yellow, the color of fresh pineapple. People love it. It’s just a happy color. Try it in a living room or dining room with a pale blue ceiling and white woodwork. It’s like sunshine. Everything looks good against it — blue-and-white porcelain, a floral chintz.”Mario Buatta, Benjamin Moore‘s Sundance 2022-50

Photo Credit- House Beautiful