I Still Love A Pair Of Chairs After 3 Upholstery Jobs

The Evolution Of My Desk ChairsYears ago, when we lived in Virginia, I saw a set of English style chairs that a pub bar who was going through renovations listed on craigslist.  I must have traveled 2 hours there, and two hours home for this pair of chairs.  The seats were sunken in, and the leather was worn, and so it was no wonder why they wanted to get rid of them.

The chairs themselves are quite comfortable.  I have used them for several years at my desk, and I couldn’t imagine sitting in another chair for 8 hours at a time.  I can sit any way I like, because the seat itself is a bit larger than most.

I had no upholstery experience, (and still need a lot of practice), but I bought some heavy drapes at Ross Dress For Less, and stuffed the chairs with pillow stuffing, and they looked great.  They actually were super comfortable, and worked in our living room as accent chairs for a year.

Fast forward several years, and we moved to Washington state, and I found two other matching chairs which worked with my desk chairs.  The desk chairs were stitched to the dining room, where I re-upholstered them in a burlap.  They looked quite rustic around our dining table in Seattle, and really looked fantastic until we adopted two tiny kittens about a two years later when we moved to Idaho.

The Evolution Of My Desk Chairs

The Evolution Of My Desk Chairs

As you can see they looked quite nice in the burlap, when we had no cats….. My desk chairs were finished identical to these chairs.

The Evolution Of My Desk Chair

One of our small cats when she was a kitten, – as you can see she adopted this chair as her own shortly after coming into our lives 

The chairs, and our sofas for that matter didn’t last too long after that.  I love natural fabrics, and at the time, I thought burlap gave me the country look I desired, not thinking about that it falls apart so easily.

As the cats matured in age, they developed some bad habits scratching at the burlap in our house.  These two chairs, as well as our nice sofas that we bought brand new became their scratching post, even after consistent discipline.  While most of our homes furniture was bought second hand, our sofas we saved up for.  So it was disappointing to see them deteriorate slowly over time.

I continued to sit in the chairs, even though they looked like hell.  I used them for my desk for a couple more years, slowly falling apart.  They finally looked so ratty, that guests would take a second look at them, walking through our home.

The Evolution Of My Desk Chair 1 The Evolution Of My Desk Chair 2 The Evolution Of My Desk Chair 3 The Evolution Of My Desk Chair 4

Oh ya! Talk about ratty!  Give me credit, I had the guts to put our name on these shameful pictures!  I finally found the time to remove the finish, give them a light stain, and remove the layers of existing fabric that in the past I was lazy to remove.

While the backs are not supposed to be exposed, I thought it looked quite nice.  They work so much better in our current decor, and the best thing is, the fabric leaves very little to desire for our cats claws.  I still rely on these chairs from day to day……  Some pieces you simply cannot live without….~

Evolution Of My Desk Chair Hersite 1 Evolution Of My Desk Chair Hersite

My desk chairs as they sit today