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Trends for Nursery Heavens

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If you’re planning to redecorate the nursery, there’s no reason why you should stick to the basics and tradition. Instead, explore the innovative and exciting ideas and designs that the year of 2017 is bringing. By creating stimulating surroundings for your children, you’ll contribute to their overall development. Therefore, jump into the rabbit hole and take a peek at the wonders of the interior design.



The Colours of Childhood


The principle “pink is for girls; blue is for boys” is long behind us, and new possibilities are ahead of us. When it comes to the 2017 trends, pastels and gentle hues will colour your child’s surroundings. The colour palette will include light grey, beige, pale turquoise, soft terracotta, which will create an atmosphere of softness and purity. However, in order to create a contrast, you can include details in more vibrant and darker colours, such as dark green, red, gold or orange.

Bringing Nature into Nursery

Teach your children to cherish nature and the environment by bringing natural life to them. You can do this by using natural materials such as wood that will enjoy enormous popularity among nursery designers, and by focusing on motifs inspired by nature. Nursery décor in 2017 will embrace natural wood, so think in terms of wooden cribs, shelves, toy boxes and floors. As regards nature-inspired motifs, you can include animal prints and botanical designs by using wallpapers, artwork or patterns.


Three Areas of Nature

The trends in 2017 will be nature-oriented, which will lead to reflecting natural life and different environments inside a nursery. With this in mind, three main areas have emerged as most popular ones in nursery décor: the Tropics, the Far North and British Wildlife.

  • The Tropics – With even children’s movies embracing the tropical motifs, flamingos, cacti, beaches and pineapples will be happily greeted by your kids. The Tropics trend no longer refers solely to jungles; on the contrary, it’s closer to the Pacific and tropical colours, including warm yellow, bright pink, and bright teals.
  • The Far North – This design focuses on mountains, penguins, reindeer and polar bears, and crafty details. All of this will be incorporated into patterns and decoration coloured in greys and blues and contrasted with the use of warm pinks.
  • British Wildlife – Rabbits, owls, foxes and even insects will find their way into the nurseries bringing the colours, such as blues, greys, browns, and warm orange, with them.


A Comfortable and Stylish Crib for a Good Night’s Sleep


You can keep up with the 2017 nursery trends by opting for a statement crib or a cot. Vintage cribs will be replaced by modern and stylish ones where your kids will be happy to go to sleep. In addition, convertible cribs made from transparent acrylic will find a way into nurseries. You should move away from the traditional look of cribs, and go with more innovative and creative ones with carefully embellished canopies. When it comes to the rest of furniture items, the year of 2017 will bring a blend of modern, vintage and shabby chic styles for armchairs, toy boxes and wardrobes.

Being Closer to Your Children with Open-Floor Plans

The open-floor plan has enjoyed great popularity in interior design as a simple, but stylish and smart solution for small living areas. In 2017, this concept will be applied by joining nurseries and parents’ bedrooms or living rooms, thus enabling parents to keep an eye on their children. Additionally, mobile dividers will help you not to worry about being too loud while your little ones are asleep. You can opt for heavy curtains, screens or sliding doors to separate two areas when needed.

Encouraging Creativity by Being Creative


Find that children’s carefreeness and playfulness and express them in the nursery, which will encourage your children to do the same. Create interesting and inspiring wall murals, or transform the internal doors into artwork by painting on them or decorating them with beautiful decals. You can involve your children and create a family piece of art and some long-lasting memories.

By using creative ideas from the world of interior décor, you can design a nursery or a children’s room that your kids will love and that will encourage their creativity. With little effort and investment, you can create a little piece of heaven for your children.

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