Dr OZ Shows Toxic Exposure When Brushing Mercury Fillings


You have to see this experiment!

Whether inhaled, ingested or injected, no amount of any form of mercury is safe for the human body. Over 5 MILLION people have become informed and empowered by watching the groundbreaking series, Vaccines Revealed and you can too, right here, for free: tinyurl.com/9Episodes

While you look for a biological dentist to SAFELY remove any amalgam fillings you may have, here are some tips to lower your exposure: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/3-ways-protect-yourself-silver-fillings

Find a mercury-free dentist here: https://iaomt.org/for-patients/search

On YT as well – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD_3C1MDLig

Ranjana Sarin What abt. The fillings done years ago ? Those fillings are in the mouth for years now, what to do ?
Dina Emlund-Scannell Find a dentist trained in the SMART technique for amalgam filling removal. You don’t want just anyone removing your fillings. You will be exposed to even more mercury when the fillings are removed if precautions aren’t taken during the removal. Trained dentists in this technique take precautions to keep your exposure as low as possible during removal, and mercury-free fillings are available as replacements.
 Will Ellis If you have/had mercury fillings join the Andy Culter chelation group.
Valerie Jenkins My migraines/ headaches have been gone since l had my silver fillings removed over 20 years ago!
Revolution For Choice Lisa Shook Find a mercury-free dentist here: https://iaomt.org/for-patients/search
Jill Gentner I have mercury poisoning after having 11 mercury amalgam fillings removed improperly. It was hiding in mt thyroid and when they radiated it, the mercury went to my brain