This Mom Worked with The FBI on Child Abductions- Here’s What She Wants Parents to Know

Dr. Lisa Strohman worked with the FBI’s Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit. Although she has since moved on to working as a clinical psychologist, the 387 cases she covered with the FBI are still branded in her memory.  Here is what she wants you to know:

  • A lot of predators today go on Instagram and follow accounts that kids don’t make private.
  • Predators follow kids’ habits.  They watch who they are friends with.
  • Predators try to learn which school kids attend
  • Predators try to encourage kids to get onto a platform that parents can’t monitor.
  • KIK is a messaging app, but its base servers out of the country. Predators know that we have no jurisdiction as U.S. law enforcement to be able to access that information or data.
  • Predators will often write, “KIK me at” and then they’ll paste a hyperlink for kids to follow.

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