Two Diabetic Cases See Tremendous Success With Homeopathy

Pervaiz Ahmad
21 hrs
My two successful diabetic cases cured with homeopathy!

Both are acute diabetic cases, patients were facing high blood sugar from few months. I still never cured any chronic diabetic patient yet but yes Alhamdulillah with homeopathy I manage to control diabetic level even in chronic cases.

Case 1: Patient age 54 cured with only few doses of arsenic album 30, his sugar level was 450.

Case2: Patient age 67, cured with few doses of Argentum Nitricum 200, his sugar level was varying from 550 to 600.

I will post the details of these cases some other day, the purpose of this post is to ensure people that homeopathy works for all.

( Note From Pervaiz about the two different remedies:  In homeopathy we treat patient according to his/her symptoms not according to disease”)