WARNING: 20+ Essential Oils That Could Be Toxic For Your Cat

Dexter Ann Young

January 9

Another cat has died this morning, this time , my neighbors fur baby. I called my vet and got the updated list, and made it for you to look over .

Candles are different , their temperature does not reach a volatile state , it’s either too cold ( the liquid wax pool ) or too hot ( burning in flame ) the only real danger with candles , is paraffin or animal fat candles.

BUT EVEN THEN , we don’t truly know the risk.

If you are interested in cat safe aromatherapy, do hydrosols – a safer alternative to essential oils. You’ll want to make sure that hydrosols are made with a cat safe plants too, though.

Dexter Ann Young Information if your cat is in trouble

Teak Holcomb How long should the air clear before you let your kitty in?

Dexter Ann Young Everywhere that I have seen , says over an hour

Dexter Ann Young Another diligent owner pointed out , air fresheners too

Dexter Ann Young Ugh, Lavender

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