What Info Do Overseas Calling Scammers Have On You? One Victim Gains Access To A Scammers Computer

In this video, Jim Browning records a phone call of a scammer who phones him up.  During the process of the call, the scammer accidentally gives Jim the password which enables him access to his PC.

The scammer knows right away that Jim has access to his computer, and shortly ends the call.  Although he was able to get a good look at the software they use, and what details they had about him.  He was quickly able to learn that all the scammer really had within their reach was his full name, (which was incorrect), and a phone number.  Typical information you would be able to locate within a phone book.

The software he used was http://www.goautodial.com/

This particular scammer kept details of people he needed to phone back.  Once Jim had access to these numbers, he phoned back everyone on the list, and not one of them realized it was a scam.

Watch the full 8 minute video here