What new skill(s) are you planning to learn in the New Year? ( 170 Ideas )


( This post’s contents came from a Homesteading facebook group )

Amanda LeeWhat new skill(s) are you planning to learn in the New Year?

Ildaco R – I would love to learn to tan hides better! Also would love to keep a cow(S) for milk and beef.

Melisa C – Canning!

Troy G -Growing lions mane mushrooms

Shannon B – Bee keeping! 🐝

Chris C – Growing mushrooms

Leia H – Making a flint and steel fire without swearing and getting frustrated. πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Randy R – Canning and preserving

Mirambo R- Cooking over a fire in cast iron

Wally G – Rocket stove, thermal mass heater, VAWT, troupe hammer, water ram, earthship, permaculture, mycology, aquaponics, compost tea, etc.

Katie B – Building furniture

Emily T- Canning

Derek E – Fencing. Just never have done it before.

Jena W – We had our first garden this year so next year I plan on learning how to better control powdery mildew, I want to learn to cann this year and we are getting chickens!! Busy year ahead πŸ™‚

Jessica B – I’m going to shoot a deer and harvest it.

Jessica B – I’d like to get better at gardening and maybe canning.

Cassie H – Maple syrup making.

Holly M – Cooking using woodstove

Rose F – Woodworking

Anthony H – Hoping to survive. πŸ‘

Angie S – Guitar

Brenda J – Drum making

Melissa M – Growing more flowers!!!!

Sheldon P – How to actually be successful at growing produce

Brittany F – I want to learn how to weave

Ethan U – Getting better at More butchering on our own

Hannah E – Sewing clothes πŸ₯°

Travis H – Taking archery to a different level. I am a competitive shooter. 2 gun, steel challenge and long range precision. But with ammo at over 300%. I am doing traditional archery instead.

Rob L – Making apple brandy. πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Ž

Todd F – Build a greenhouse…

Trista H – Basket weaving 🧺

Kathy J – cheese making! All of our goats are pregnant and the cow is giving tons of milk so I have no excuses!

Kim K – Grinding my own flour, making cheese and sauerkraut.

Levi J – Black smithing

Dennis G – How to duck and shoot strait.

Jeff J – I want to learn more about mushrooms and really dive deep into holistic medicine and a holistic life in general.

Emily Y – Get better at wood working

Angela J – Raising meat rabbits, micro greens and expand my online biz

Bambi W – Being a mom

Mike L – Reloading

Juni K – Card weaving.

Lori M – Plants for teas!

Jesse B – Butchering my own livestock, growing and grinding my own flour and corn meal, and caring for/milking dairy goats, honing my skills with my sawmill, and furniture carpentry

Michael T – Chinese

Chuck B – Bee’s

Megan W – Better all natural/home care remedies, rather than heading to the doc or pharmacy for every little thing

Farrah B – Canning

Hope R – How to sleep

Chelsea B – Becoming a better gardener!

Victoria A – Tanning rabbit hides

Jill H – Winter growing in the greenhouse, growing mushrooms, bee keeping and expand the medicinal plants.

Dawn M – Digging a hand pumped well

Walter H – Dating lol

Tamar W – I’d like to grow my own vegetables

Gwen G – Controlling money instead of letting it control me

Luis A – How to use a gun and a bow for hunting.

Loutitia L – Sailing

Debbi B – I’d like to learn to grow fodder

Russ M – Butchering and woodworking!

Craig C – Framing block laying concrete finishing ….etc two homes to build this year

Teresa E – Mushroom growing

Larry P – Wine making ,tried my first batch this fall.

Justine A – Becoming a Herbalist.

Lisa B – Bees!!

Matt W – I joined a few and am have been reading along. I’d love to get a flow hive. I’m so afraid of getting stung.

Manuela M – Sign language.

Beth R – I want to learn to make butter and cheese. And maybe get over my fear of canning. 😬

Alison M – Basket weaving and soap making

Kathleen M – How to Grow veggies in the Arizona heat ,without them shriveling up or losing their flowers that the veggie grows from. And how not to over water too. I Only have had success with Cherry Tomato’s

Jen E – On my list is 1) raising hogs. 2) learn to fly fish. 3) learn how to garden with companion planting.

Timothy N – Learning to speak Chinese

Mary E – Canning meat. Improve gardening and growing fruit trees. Arts and crafts.

Alex D – Expanding my skill in butchering and processing our livestock and eats of preserving it.

Kenny B – Blacksmithing!

Pete K – How to properly butcher lamb cuts so we don’t have to put the whole thing on a spit.

Michael M – More woodworking skills and many other items once I get my new job and can afford to buy a bigger property

Sarah S – Cheese making

Melissa E – I want to grow flax and learn to spin and weave linen.

Amelia D – raising my own meat animals and more food preservation

Virian P – I am going to try growing an assortment of seed plants and grains so I can grow and make my own chicken feed


Peggy H – Artificially inseminating queen bees πŸ™‚ . More ways to grow mushrooms.

Toni G – I’d like to try my hand at crocheting, but, to me it reads like algebra.

Travis H – Left handed diaper changing

Darcie J – I enrolled for my master’s not realizing it would focus heavily on learning therapy. So… I’ll be learning how to be a therapist.

Linda L – Learn to paint better

Sara B – Welding, becoming more self-sufficient and trying to learn to be more patient

Steve B – Caning

Katie M – Going to train my donkeys to pull a cart.

Mary M – Medicinal herbs. Every year I learn more and more about gardening. I’m now in my 7 or 8th year and want to get into the master gardener classes but Covid happened. I tried getting my family in on butchering some of our chickens but it’s a no go.

Casto D – Teaching my grandkids how to cook

Adam S- Learn how to identify trees/flora better. I’m a rook and Oaks and Maples still throw me for a loop in the winter.

Mathew L – Firearms more training. War coming. Can’t wait.

Ayn P – I wanna learn how to make wine πŸ™‚

Manuela M – I really love this post!!

Deborah R – Bee keeping

Hannah L – Making my fitness a priority.

Em Y – A whole lot! Our Homeschool project Starting in January is an interactive Blog about this very subject!!!! Farm to Table, homesteading skills, DIY, cooking and recipes (especially $ saving, unusual, or from Scratch items you might not think of making a… See More

Stephanie C – Fermenting my food and knitting

Tanya L – Canning

Cat S – I’m working on Norwegian knitting

James T – HAM radio

Peter M – To pitch Horseshoes Better…. πŸ™‚

Jenna M – Keep working on my gardening skills and hand knitting lots of things really.

Mike T – Surviving Communism

Amanda L – Gardening and bee 🐝 keeping

Dawn Robins – Better record keeping, Beekeeping

Zac M- Welding

Marty P – make sauerkraut

Erin C. – Improving my gardening and learning flint knapping.

William H – I am going to walk with the Lord and learn how to hear Him better and faster and more about laying on of hands and healing and using the other gifts He gave me. This last year has been amazing and great, and I am going to walk in it.

Nancy C – Soap

Bill M – Knife making

Katie S – I’d like to perfect the art of baking homemade bread, and established the raised beds we’ve been wanting to do for 2 years.

Lucas M – Sewing

Karisa N – Candle and soap making πŸ’ž

Carl B – Welding

Jennifer B – Improve my beekeeping skills. Greener thumb.

Marcia P – Shoot a gun

Lee B – Forging, more welding practice, beekeeping, broader from scratch cooking menu, animal husbandry, passive heating and cooling systems.

Tony S – Working on my marksmanship

Julie L – Beekeeping 😊

Pamela R – Walking without a walker. Wish me luck and God’s blessings.

Phyllis H – I plan to get my container gardening skills and construction skills honed. I will be 66 and it’s time I stopped waiting for a hero!

Christine P – Rabbits and worm beds

Kiana B – More knitting and spinning yarn. Going to have our first goat kids too πŸ™‚

Johnny F – Wood burning carving more furniture making

Julie B – I’ve signed up for an animal care science online class. Gives me actual qualifications 😊

Laura H – Medical skills

Sarah S – I’m really hoping to start canning. That and finish my degree.

Stephanie V – Cut flower bouquets! Nice addition to my garden

Charlien R – Farrier and blacksmithing!

Toller S – Planning my garden twice as big. Maybe get back into raising chickens.

Natalie T – Building a food forest 🌳

Heidi W – Soap making and maybe sewing

Heidi W – – yea! I want to learn to sew as well!

Kim L – To grow luffa!

Stephen M – Sky diving and more diverse welding.

Carlena F – Canning and raising worms for my chickens.

Remy M – 🧢 knitting

Loren H – How to harvest and process honey….and how to make windows from scratch.

Jen K – How to grow veggies from other countries and sell them at flea markets,time to step outside the box.

Tim W – Bigger garden

Susan W – Solar and wind turbines

Karen S – Foraging, for food and medicine

Debbie B – How to make a variety of wool felted hats and purses from our sheep’s fiber.

Melanie B – Options trading

Charles Ca – Land surveying, beekeeping, hide tanning and dog training

Amanda B – Trapping/ tanning mostly coyote & ermine

Kayler D – Sewing, chicken keeping, being a mommy to my one month old, pressure canning, and to play piano.

Linda D – herb gardening, canning, landscaping, garden bed building and chicken coop building and hide tanninga nd useage

Kathi K – Improve my gardening skills

Tom L – Constructing a Walipini

Agnes J – Herbal medicines.

Wayne M – Medicinal plants and booby trapping

Amanda P – How to raise Emu

Gail R – Canning and raising pigs!

Jennifer L – Hopefully buying my land and having the ability to do some of the stuff hands on

Jennifer L – Learning wise I wanna learn more about foraging and wattle Fencing and just basic sustainability

Jesse C – How to isolate a strain of mushroom via agar. And then grow sed mushroom in my basement. Got lions mane right now. Gonna try and go for a plethora of species.

Phyllis L – Garden Bed Building: We did beds like these, but chose sawmill slabs rather than pallets, in case of chemicals on them as preservatives. The reinforcing crossbars were above the soil on ours. Two beds 36x4ft, Hugelkultur filled, no bottoms for rain

Brandy S – I’m going to a natural bee keeping seminar in March with Dr.Leo in Cabool Missouri.

Martha B – Canning meats and soups, grow a bigger garden and herbal medicine

Jana C – We plan to turn our Barn and land into a photographic venue. Rent it out for photo sessions. Plant a field of sunflowers. Looking into incorporation of the hay farm as well.πŸ˜‰πŸŒ»πŸšœ

Kenna D- Also learn more about soaps and salves

Ginger R – How to hide our guns and ammo

Heather G – Not necessarily a homesteading skill but I want to start a blog and website for my business.
I also want to make a good gluten free bread.

Dawn M – Pressure canning

John M – Mushrooms and microgreens, just put my shelving together today

Frank S – dehydration, gardening, welding all manner of long term food preservation. AND making pemmican – that is actually edible! lol

Tamara W – I’d like to learn to quilt. Also I want to learn how to spin my own yarn or thread. I want to learn how to use herbs and foraged plants for medicinal uses. Make my own tinctures and salves.

Jennifer L – I wanna learn more about mushrooms too like can I pick them in the wild and regrow them ?

Joy W – sewing and cheese making

Julie Embree Woodworking 😁