15 Of The Best Garage Organizers You Can Buy

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The garage is the number one under-utilized space we own.  According to This Old House, Organizing pros estimate that only 30 percent of us store our cars in the garage. The reason? Too much stuff.It is often the dumping ground for all the junk and useless things we don’t have a place for.

There is a big movement happening all over America, where people are starting to renovate their garage space for additional space for music rooms, sewing spaces, second businesses, and hobby rooms.  With many boomerang children coming back home, the garage space is getting a serious second look.

So how do you start cleaning out the garage?  This Old House gives us some starting points:

1.  Sort all items into three piles: keep, donate or sell, and trash.

First, what should go?

Projects that have been sitting in the garage for more than 5 years and that haven’t been worked on.  We all have them.  Re-evaluate how much time they will take, and what benefit they will add to your life.  If you don’t have the space for them, they need to go, especially if the particular item sits at the bottom of your “project list”.

Broken items, household chemicals (which need special disposal), and anything you haven’t used in two years or more.  Donate as soon as possible and remove the clutter to make room for the items you use on a weekly basis.  Clearing out room in the garage can also make your life simpler.

2. Sort through your “keep” pile, and make some decisions how and where you plan on organizing them.  For example, sports equipment items and hand tools should have their own space and storage.

Here is a list of organizers that you can organize your seasonal, sports equipment and tools in…

1.  Stack-On Garage Organizers.

Stack-On’s Garage Storage and Organization System is storage that is ready to install in an afternoon.

Buy A Set That Has Wall Cabinets-

This 6-Piece Steel Garage Storage Set comes with 2 Wall Cabinets with Full Length Doors, 1 Project Center with Full Length Doors, 1 Gorta Cabinet with 3 Extra Deep Ball Bearing Drawers, 1  Full Sized Storage Cabinet and 1 Wooden Work Surface- Buy it on Amazon for $900

Garage Organizers From Stack OnStack On Garage Organizers

Picture above features the following items: 2 – CADET-1250 Wall Cabinets, 1 – CADET-1600 2 door project center, 1 – CADET-1605 5 drawer project center, 1 – CADET-6624 workbench and 1 – CADET-7203 locker.

Stack On Garage Organizers

Buy Several Tables With Organizers That Fit Under The Tables-

I love the idea that their tables also can work with their drawer organizers.  These organizers can be pulled out, and the work space above can function for projects.

– The tables from Stack-On are item 6624 in the 66-Inch Steel Workbench- W x D x H (in.): 66 x 24 x 39, Sells for $259+ $52 shipping on Amazon

 – The Gladiator Cadet® system allows you to pick and choose the items that meet your needs. As your needs change and grow it is easy to add components to increase organization capabilities.

– 26in. 5-Drawer Project Center with Casters, Steel, CADET-1605-DS $278 Amazon

–1250 2-Door Wall Cabinet $153 Amazon

-7203 2-Door Storage Cabinet $364 Amazon

– 2-Door Project Center $267 Amazon

Dream GaragesVisit all-pictures.biz

Karbon Collection Storage

The Best Garage OrganizersKarbon Collection Storage On Amazon

Wall Cabinet $129 + Free Shipping

Base Storage Cabinet $201- $225 + Free Shipping

Tall Storage Cabinet $287 + Free Shipping

Simple and elegant garage with Vintage 911

Simple and elegant garage with Vintage 911- Seen on Pinterest

Garage Organization Ideas Via: BHG – Every Little BitVia: BHG – Every Little Bit

Organize your bits by using a magnetic knife bar…. 

Norpro Magnetic Knife Bar $10 Amazon

Grandmas Little Pearls Blog- Fabulous OrganizationGrandmas Little Pearls Blog- Fabulous Organization

Doesn’t this system just work?

These shelves were custom built.  Mentioning in the comments, the author posts this:

“I believe the shelving ran about $159 per unit. There are two units pictured. When comparing the overall cost, the time spent building them, and their heavy duty design we thought they were a great deal. They fit the tubs perfectly so no wasted space!”  “The shelves are from Costco”

UltiMate Garage System 5 Piece Unit in Starfire Pearl $1543 Amazon

The Best Garage Organizers

X5 Lite Metal Storage Kit with 3 Shelf Units On Sliding Track $800 on Amazon

The Best Garage OrganizersTerrific Tall Bin Organizers For Nuts and Bits…  From Uline on Amazon

Smaller cabinets that could be built under a long table. 

The Best Garage OrganizersFeatured Above- Black Bins 36 x 18 x 39″ Shelving with 11 x 18 x 4″ by $240 Uline on Amazon

The Best Garage Organizers

Black Bins 36 x 18 x 39″ Shelving with 7 x 18 x 4″ $240 on Amazon

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The Best Garage Organizers

System is both front loading and free standing and can sit flush against a wall, made from heavy gauge steel and other strength-tested materials, up to 450 can storage capacity, 56 Food Label Magnets included, weight:  85 lbs, dimensions:  36.5”W x 24.5”L x 72”H.

Shelf Reliance Harvest 72″ #10 Food Rotation System $393.50 on Amazon

Buy it from Costco for $300

The Best Garage Organizers

Portamate Wood Storage Lumber Organizer Rack, Wall Mount $59 on Amazon

Beautiful Carpentry Tools Organized On The Wall-

Beautiful Carpentry Tools Organized On The Wall- www.woodworktip.com

Highcroft Hunting Barn - Murphy Co Design

Highcroft Hunting Barn – Murphy Co Design
 Beautiful Tool Displays - Garage Organization Ideas- Unknown Source
 Beautiful Tool Displays – Garage Organization Ideas- Unknown Source
Garden Storage Closet
Why not keep the garden tools outside?
In just one weekend you could build a storage shed to keep those garden items and get them completely out of your garage.
The closet can give you space for larger garden tools, hanging plastic bins and a number of other things that you may need to store. Via: Familyhandyman Garden Closet Storage Project

open19 Vintage Industrial Steel Wire Rack on Casters- Houzz.com


HOW TO:  Make chalkboard paint from the Martha Stewart archives

The Organized MomJars For Organizing Bolts and Nuts – The Organized Mom

The Best Garage OrganizersHoleyrail, Garage Organizer, Garage Organizer, 8 Foot, Industrial Quality $29 On Amazon

Rubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters, Holds 40 Tools

Rubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters, Holds 40 Tools $47 Amazon

5 Gift Ideas

For The Husband Who Spends His Time In The Garage


Gifts From WoodRiver On Amazon

5 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

What makes a great gift for a cabinetmaker? Chances are, the cabinetmaker you know already has a wide selection of woodworking tools and specialty tools for building cabinets. While a quality tool he may not have always makes a good gift, how do you know what to pick? These items make the must-have list for any cabinetmaker. Try to figure out what your friend already has, and buy a tool from the list below that complements his workshop.

Planer: This tool is a necessity to introduce those smooth, clean edges to cabinets, dressers and other projects. These tools also work well for squaring up wood prior to assembly, because the cabinet will be an absolute bear to assemble if your wood is not accurate in dimension. A small portable planer with a 10″ width and a 5″ depth should suffice for most jobs.

Chainsaw:  This isn’t a commonly used tool in cabinetry, which means that your friend may not own one. A chainsaw allows woodworkers to cut wood safely and quickly. Woodworkers who make smaller pieces may appreciate the gift of a chainsaw because they can use it to cut down trees in their yard and recycle the wood in their workshop. The cabinetmaker can use the harvested wood to create cabinets, make cabinet pulls and add decorative hardwood touches to dressers and drawers.

Router:  The router adds a nice finished edge to wood, which can help transform a basic cabinet into a polished piece. Look for a router with a so-called soft start feature, which means that it starts slowly and builds up speed. You can also purchase different router bits to give the wood a finishing effect such as a rounded edge, dovetail, cove edge or chamfer. These bits may be sold as kits and can make a nice gift on their own if your cabinetmaking friend already owns a router.

Shaper:  Since woodworkers can get by without a shaper because a router performs many of the same tasks, this may make a nice addition to your friend’s workshop because he may not have it yet. Because the shaper rests on a table and has a more powerful motor than the router, a woodworker can use this tool for harder woods and more difficult jobs, like creating raised panel cabinet doors.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig The Kreg jig boasts a three-part “drill, drive, done” finishing system that makes joins simple to finish. There’s no glue, no math and no clamping in Kreg joinery. Woodworkers enjoy the Kreg pocket hole jig because they save time and effort while still maintaining the same quality on the finished product. The Kreg jig kit includes an instruction manual, instructional DVD, carrying case, starter screw and plug set, jig, drill bit and 6-inch square driver. If your friend has the basic kit, consider buying a Kreg jig screw kit, which offers five different sized screws. These are just some of the items commonly used in cabinetmaking that would make great gifts for friends or family members interested in woodworking. Since tools can get expensive, always find out what the return policy is before you buy. Most woodworkers won’t need multiples of these items, so you’ll want to ensure that any repeats can be returned.

Buffalo Tools Drill-bit Set

Buffalo Tools Drill-bit Set $33 On Ebay